Here are several TV/radio ads and jingles from my Kopperhead years 1987-89. 
The first two of these came from Bill May at May Design in Youngstown, OH – for Cafaro corporation – one of the biggest of mall developers around the world. If this went well, the spot could be used for all their malls. For the first ad in this set, he was pitching a high-tech effects 30 second lifestyle TV spot. This ad would inspire shopping without any dialogue: just bright, colorful images of fashion and design letting the music carry energy: a rare opportunity for any commercial music composer. Bill faxed me the storyboard and I went to work.  I employed the Synclavier, which covered most of the tracks, Emax, TX-81z and the D50. Though not remarkable today, it was a pretty flashy track for that time! Since I didnt receive copies of the video, I crudely recreated it with the old storyboard fax. The video would have been edited to the music, unlike this version – which only aimed to place the phone dialing image with the sound effect, and start/end on time.
 I produced the second ad, also for Cafaro, entirely on the Synclavier with vocal overdubs. The Eastwood Mall is a huge place with 3.2 million square feet in Youngstown, OH. Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten the singers’ names (sorry!) for this post. They were looking for a James Taylor-like voice quality – and I heard him sing with his progressive jazz group at an Fairlawn night club. The female singer was a regular at Kopperhead – both great to work with. 
Rollathon was a toy pitch – and the commercial came before the product; ostensibly to help get investments. Paula Abdul had just hit the radios and I employed that new ‘new jack swing’ beat. Runner’s
 The fourth spot, for Realty One (before they were RE/MAX) in Cleveland was composed for the Halloween season. I recall the footage was shot in a nice home – and used lighting effects to tell the story. A young boy in shadows and blue light, scared, runs downstairs from his bedroom to find the comfort of his parents in front of a glowing fire – leading to a picturesque family moment of love and warmth. I scored the basic bed and the scary delay-line staccato strings. Lee created the ghostly oohs and the synth scary string runs using a combination of FM synthesis and sampled strings. I thought the lydian-scaled horn line at the end my the best contribution. 
 The fifth spot here, for United Bank (of Canton?) was composed by Lee Kopp, the owner of Kopperhead. I did the vocal arrangements, and hired my vocal jazz choir director from the University of Akron, Rich Shanklin, and his wife, as well as my new wife, Joy, and myself for vocals. Fun Session. The lead male and female vocals were regulars on our commercial work.
Lastly, Runner’s Supply is a radio bed; a bit more typical of the lower budget broadcast work done – again, with Synclavier. 

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