Notes from the Composer

In October of 1989, Kopperhead was busy producing music for the General Tire annual sales meeting show. As in the past year, Cinecraft out of Cleveland, was producing, and this years’  theme was to be James Bond. As a part of it – they needed three songs from Bond movies. After I produced the finished tracks, Lee and George produced the vocal recording sessions in the studio with the vocalists.

All I had to do was listen to these songs and write them out. That would provide me with an efficient guide from which I could sequence and program the Synclavier for a very precise result – instead of trying to figure it all out on the expensive system and perhaps rush. Lot’s of other sound-alikes I had done previously were simple, like Elvis songs, “Ghost Busters Theme” and “Rock Around the Clock”. But these were rich and complex arrangements that deserved study. I enjoyed digging into them with my ears to catch every detail. 

Looking at it now, 25 or so years later, I did a good job of it, with fairly minor errors. 

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