Aug 2004

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Keith Lay, Course Director for Music History at Full Sail Real World Education, has had his classical composition “On the Playground” selected by New York’s Riverside Symphony for an upcoming concert. The three-movement concerto will be performed on Friday, November 5th at the esteemed Lincoln Center in New York City.

Having a work showcased at the Lincoln Center is a great honor, as it has long been heralded as one of the world’s finest stages for classical music. “The Lincoln Center carries a lot of weight,” Lay says. “It’s a major venue for this art form, and to be featured there is an amazing accomplishment for a composer. It doesn’t happen to people to very often, and is certainly one of the highlights of my professional music career.” Lay has been composing and performing professionally for more than twenty years.

Anthony Korf, musical director for the Riverside Symphony, explained his decision to select “On the Playground” for the upcoming performance. “It was the quality of the music that drew us to it. There are many pieces that are lyrical that try to do what Keith accomplishes with this piece, and they’re much less successful. It seems his natural language is pretty easy to take, and I think it’s a credit to him that he can write something in a more traditional vein that still sounds genuine and fresh. It’s a lovely, well-crafted work.”

Lay is delighted by the encouragement of the Riverside Symphony, and is honored to have such a well-respected orchestra support his musical endeavors. “This Riverside Symphony only performs three concerts at Lincoln each year, and it’s a huge feeling of validation to know that they believe so strongly in my piece. For an orchestra of their stature who could pick anything to perform, it means that you’re recognized as a composer at a high level.”

Full Sail is honored to have been Keith’s professional home for the past fourteen years, and the entire staff would like to extend their congratulations on this recent accomplishment and dedication to his craft. For tickets and further information, please visit the Riverside Symphony website at www.riversidesymphony.org, or call 212-864-4197.

Full Sail Instructor Keith Lay To Have Work Performed At Lincoln Center

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    Elizabeth Perry

    07 11 2009

    Congratulations!! What a wonderful accomplishment!

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    Keith Lay

    01 12 2009

    Thanks, Elizabeth!
    I didn’t know that you drew. Are you talented in art? The EMD course has been good for me. Full Sail required me to take it when I was directing the Faculty Development department; but, though I could have withdrawn have been keeping at it. I’ve never studied education before and am enjoying it more than I imagined. Looking forward to Dr. Fun, too. What was your research project?
    If you get a chance, join Joy, Bren and Em and I at the Orlando Chorale concert this coming Friday 12/4 – I know you love Christmas music! And, though the concert may not work out, Joy would love to hear from you. Her email is layfam@earthlink.net and she’s on Facebook (which she is getting to really like). I hope you’re still smiling, singing and playing the flute!

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    Musa Abdullah

    28 07 2011

    Congradulations on your concert.. what a huge honor it could not have happened to a more deserving chap. May this reconicition of your talents take you to higher heights….
    I enjoyed spending time with you at fullsail class of 2001. So composing a letter of recommendation should be no problem?

  • Reply

    Keith Lay

    31 07 2011

    Hi Musa,
    Thank you for saying hi! Would you email me at Full Sail (keithlay@fullsail.com) and we’ll chat further.

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