“Still Frames” “Binky Goes to Follywood”, studio production, 2005

Notes by the composer

In 2005, I was approached by some colleagues in the Animation department at Full Sail to contribute comedic music for an animation that was being produced for our monthly Behind the Scenes open houses. The production title of the piece was called “Still Frames”. I composed the 1 min 40 sec piece in Finale and the piece was approved by the team.
I composed the work with a deliberate nod to popular music eclecticism, mixing lots of instruments rarely teamed up in the same ensemble.
The rhythm section drums and bass provided a fast 1920s 2/4 swing over which a horn trio of trumpet, alto sax and clarinet would spin a mixture of ragtime jazz, cluster harmonies and bits of minimalist repetition. A banjo added to the rhythm section playing lots of tritone variations. Rounding it all off was a turntablist scratching accompanying rhythms.
In June of 2005 dear friends came into studio A for a wacky 4 hour session, tracked by Keith Andrews. The music was not easy – and these guys nailed it.
Once the piece was done, I realized it needed more to stand alone as a piece of music. I added virtual vibes and asked my wife, Joy, and our friend Beverly Stagg to multitrack some doo-wah’s in big chords over the ensemble tracks. I was going for a quirky Esquivel style blend –
…and all as campy and odd as could be…
Trumpet – Don Rogozinski
Clarinet – Brian Smithers
Alto Sax – Keith Lay
Banjo – Rick Scoles
Turntables – “A” Manuwade
Drums – Rick Horne
Vibes – Keith Lay
Sopranos – Bev Stagg
Altos – Joy Lay
Tenors – Keith Lay
Mixed by Keith Lay

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