Jul 2009

Contented Waltz



Contented Waltz

Thirteen synthesized sounds in counterpoint render this simple waltz. Without using any drums or “beat”, the expressive nuances that provide an organic complexity in modern electronic voices are allowed to be exposed. Like many electronic music productions before EDM like Walter Carlos’ “Switched On Bach”, Tomita’s “Snowflakes Are Dancing” and the music of Paul Lansky, these electronic voices are used symphonically (sym= together, phon=sound).

The original version of this music, dated October 10, 1995 as “Waltz for Guitar”, underwent revisions, and in 2001  became a piece for solo guitar for my twin brother called “Kevin the Cricket Waltz”. Learning through many musical friendships over the years with excellent guitarists like  Steve Aron and Tom Olson, as well as my twin brother, Kevin, I knew and loved the sound and expressive of the guitar, but this music did not fit the instrument well. In 2011, Ballet Pixelle from Second Life asked for a dance piece and I proposed converting “Contented Waltz” into electronic music. I decided to update it once more (2016) to explore Omnisphere 2, Sculpture, ES M, the free Michael Norris’ Spectral Averaging plug-ins and binaural mixing in LogicX. (The example above is best heard in headphones)







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