Our eloquent friend, Sir Ken Robinson at TED this February. I agree with his major points, especially that

 1) the global warming is more than an external issue: it is an ‘internal’ issue, as well. Desire and consumption are at the root of global warming – not fossil fuels. This same spiritual sickness we suffer as our culture progresses also contributes to our willingness to squander our authentic lives away for a decent paycheck.

2) A key to global warming as well as authentic lives is a revolution in education. What will the new model be based upon? The answer is agriculture. Education needs to let organic forces natural to the human species thrive in rich environments – just as a farmer cultivates his crops and groves.

 I hope we see him again, soon, at Full Sail. We are Fellows Members of the Brotherhood of the French Fry. Thanks for the link, Ann Emerson! Check it out if you haven’t already:

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