The Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra asked me to compose a short musical work to entertain, dazzle and inspire the attendees at their Gala fund raising concert for April 2012. I am  excited be a part of what the OPO is billing as a “Concert of the Future”.

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The event will take place at Full Sail University‘s new Venue, a multipurpose hall stuffed with the latest, greatest sound and lighting gear and most competent show production staff in the world.
I am planning to take full advantage of all of the elements that the Venue can offer that can transform our listening experience – something for a classical “Concert of the Future” normally associated with pop and dance music concerts. To be offered such a cutting edge opportunity is not lost on me. I get a chance to compose and sculpt a sound that brings to bear both my love of the live orchestra and the latest music technology.
The work will only last about 5 minutes. With such a short work, I have less time for development. The motives must have a strong impact and understandable enough to allow recognition without the usual advantages that a longer piece allows. The visual aspect of this work, yet unnamed, will reinforce the musical experience and vice versa. Together, they will create a highly immersive time-space event that has rarely, if ever, been experienced.
At this early stage, I hope to employ:
  • The energy and color only available from a professional orchestra
  • A carefully created 5.1 surround track of prepared electronic sounds that will sync with the conductor. The electronics will be treated as another set of instruments within the sonic palette.
  • An expressive live solo performance employing electronics
  • A vivid, gripping image narrative that employs the giant LED stage screen, the multiple projectors, the multiple HD camera feeds, and the full moving light grid.
  • Use of the latest technology in visual creation and manipulation
  • The sound from the separately miced orchestra to be used in real time sound algorithms that surround the audience with the 5.1 system
Nathan photo from site small.jpg
Visual artist Nathan Selikoff has
agreed to collaborate with me to create the visual experience and story. He describes his art as “Mathematical Systems, Crafted in Code, Generating Complex and Lyrical Images Full of Movement and Energy”.  I share Nathan’s love of mathematics and curiosity of the deep, intrinsic structures of the world around and in us and look forward to creating something both spectacular and meaningful. We will work together to create the overall theme so that music and visual elements will combine and synchronize. Nathan is looking forward to working with the amazing faculty in Full Sail’s show production staff.


Brian Smithers, an extraordinary musician, conductor, arranger, engineer, author, teacher and technologist has agreed to perform on EWI Electronic Wind Controller. This gentleman never ceases to amaze me. I am grateful that he will lend his deep artistry to this project!
Marc Pinsky, specializing in interactive technologies (and a good musician, as well) has agreed to develop a conductor’s baton that will synchronize the prepared electronic music with the orchestra. This is a major engineering challenge. Marc has already created his first prototype with MaxxMSP.
I look forward to sharing more on this blog as this work comes together in the next several months.



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