Four Dimensions Update 4

 Four Dimensions is a work for Orchestra, EWI and Surround Electronics tracks commissioned by the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra for the “Symphony in HD: Live at Full Sail” Gala event on April 21st.
This is one of several vids documenting the process of developing a Wii-mote, used as the conducting baton for the conductor, Dirk Meyer, to control the tempo of the prepared surround electronic score. 
One of the advantages of the wireless stream of information that will be created while Maestro Meyer conducts is that it can be used in other ways. The Visual Artist for “Four Dimensions”, Nathan Selikoff, will also be using that data to control chosen aspects of the visuals displayed on the giant LED screen in the venue.
In this video update, we see Marc Pinsky, the brains behind our Wii controller implementation, working with Nathan to send the data to his computer. Then, Nathan demonstrates how he can use the data in controlling visuals using Quartz Composer. 
The production staff for this event is a combined force bringing together Orlando Phil production and administration teams with seasoned Full Sail University faculty and students for what will be a block buster night full of animations, films, lighting, and sound – and great classical music! 

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