I had the pleasure of recording the excellent saxophone quartet, h2, this May 4th, along with Benoit Glazer, at his home, the Timucua White House.

This quartet is superb. During a recording session, one really gets deeper insights to a groups’ abilities and character. h2 has the group-mind that develops over years of playing together. Like old married couples (these folks are young, by the way) – that don’t need to say much to communicate a complex idea, these dedicated musicians work hard; and shoot for perfection.
The group sat in a comfortable circle in the middle 2/3rds of the excellent recording space. I placed a Soundfield SP200 ambisonic microphone at the center . Benoit Glazer hung two DPA omnis from the ceiling pointing to the opposite points around the circle of players, Left between the two soprano and alto and Right between the tenor and bari. The sound we got in the control room was warm, dynamic and defined – without a touch of processing.
The excellent selection of works recorded in the recording session were virtuosic and required split second group synchronization. Real showpieces that covered a wide variety of compositional directions from the 21st century. The collective gestures and phrasing of the group is beautifully consistent and directed; and their intonation refreshingly excellent. I look forward to getting this recording mixed and mastered soon!


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