The Heisler / Yeh Duo is an award winning chamber ensemble devoted to the creation and promotion of contemporary for the saxophone and piano. Saxophonist Jeffrey Heisler and pianist I-Chen Yeh have performed throughout the world and have worked with notable composers such as Ellen Taaffe Zwilich, Steven Stucky, David Gillingham, Marc Mellits, Andrea Reinkemeyer and Jeff Weston to create new repertoire for this ensemble. The duo was in town to perform and record new works by the Central Florida Composers Forum at the Timucua White House:

Other works on the program that were not recorded were:
Ekaggata by Timothy Stulman
Gradient by Baljinder Sekhon


Alot can be said about this duo, who only had about a month to prepare this concert. The works were difficult. The duo recorded the works on the session, all in very few takes and performed them in front of a good sized audience on the same evening.
Benoit Glazer’s beautiful White House acoustic space was perfect for these performances and his technical prowess and design can be heard in the warmth and detail of the recordings made there. Benoit is easy to work with, and ever open to new ideas. I wanted the recordings to have a more articulated sound than the normal warm room sound he gets with his spaced DPA omnis hanging from the ceiling. He added two DPA 4099P microphones that were already mounted inside the piano. I added the Soundfield SP200 Ambisonic microphone – which we used to capture a light ambient reflective sound by placing it about 10 inches from the high ceiling and a single M-Audio Sputnik tube cardiod about 3 feet in front of the saxophone at neck level. These signals were run through Benoit’s excellent Crane Spider pre-amps/DA and into his DAW of choice: REAPER. The Soundfield microphone was decoded into stereo for the session through the Surround-Zone software plug-in.
The Heisler Duo, Nov 24, 2013 Premiere of “Happy Crazy”

Benoit Glazer and Keith Lay: engineering and production

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