This is a Deep Listening® piece that served as my capstone sonic meditation for my Deep Listening (DL) Certificate from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in January 2016. As is the nature of  all DL works they provide a vehicle to our sound practice: the process of practicing listening with the understanding that the complex wave forms continuously transmitted to the auditory cortex from the outside world by the ear require active engagement with attention. These works allow us to play with our judgement, perception, performance methods, composition methods and love of music, sound and each other. The DL curriculum was overseen and taught by Pauline Oliveros, Ione and the certificate was earned through online distance instruction over Google Hangout, so our pieces were created to take advantage of that medium.

For those who have never used Google Hangout video, here are some of its mechanizations:

  • it uses video and sound from your computer to send your image and voice to others in the group (we had about 14 in our group)
  • One person’s video and sound is ‘presented’ at a time to the full screen, while the others (not presenting) line the bottom of the screen in video thumbnails
  • The ‘choice’ of who presents is up to the group; but can be set to who ever is talking. It generally will choose whoever is loudest if more than one person talks. It can change very rapidly from one person to another.

Here are the printable instructions for “Following Directions”:





It proved to be LOTS of fun. I’d love to perform this with others again!







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