The Heisler / Yeh Duo is an award winning chamber ensemble devoted to the creation and promotion of contemporary for the saxophone and piano. Saxophonist Jeffrey Heisler and pianist I-Chen Yeh have performed throughout the world and have worked with notable composers such as Ellen Taaffe Zwilich, Steven Stucky, David Gillingham, Marc Mellits, Andrea Reinkemeyer and Jeff Weston to create new repertoire for this ensemble. The duo was in town

I had the pleasure of recording the excellent saxophone quartet, h2, this May 4th, along with Benoit Glazer, at his home, the Timucua White House. This quartet is superb. During a recording session, one really gets deeper insights to a groups’ abilities and character. h2 has the group-mind that develops over years of playing together. Like old married couples (these folks are young, by the way) – that don’t need

Notes about this production I was asked by the music editors of a new documentary about  Robert Cenedella  to recreate Virgil Fox’s rendition of  Charles Ives’ “Variations On America” (var 2 and 3 only). Cenedella, a all known visual satirist, created many paintings about politics and his take on the political process. The director and music editor decided that Charles Ives’ musical satire Variations On America as played by the flamboyant organist would serve as a fitting score for

  Atlantic Center for the Arts commissioned me to create a video for a kiosk for a museum tour called “Breaking Boundaries”, which toured museums around the state in 2000-1. I asked my friend Mac Rutan, an excellent videographer who also teaches at Full Sail, to coproduce the project with me. Mac had years of experience in the video arts as well as access to professional cameras and Avid editing

Notes from the Composer In October of 1989, Kopperhead was busy producing music for the General Tire annual sales meeting show. As in the past year, Cinecraft out of Cleveland, was producing, and this years’  theme was to be James Bond. As a part of it – they needed three songs from Bond movies. After I produced the finished tracks, Lee and George produced the vocal recording sessions in the

Moliere’s 1644 satire “Tartuffe”, ever a controversial and hilarious story about the abuses of a few church leaders,  was set in modern times in the quite appropriate city of Canton, Ohio. Canton was the home of Ernest Angely, the hellfire and brimstone televangelist who healed the sick nightly (‘be healed!!’) from his mega-church meetings.  A bold move, indeed for the Players Guild of Canton’s director Jerry Lowe. Mr. Lowe created

Here are several TV/radio ads and jingles from my Kopperhead years 1987-89.  The first two of these came from Bill May at May Design in Youngstown, OH – for Cafaro corporation – one of the biggest of mall developers around the world. If this went well, the spot could be used for all their malls. For the first ad in this set, he was pitching a high-tech effects 30 second

Laura DeYoung, who was my first client (with the Akron Zoo commercials), made documentaries. She was working on a documentary about a local artist who liked jazz – and asked me for some jazz tracks that she could use while displaying some of the artwork in her piece.  Two tracks were created, both on the Synclavier and the Roland D50. Jazz Canon (Synclavier /Roland D50 – 1988) I enjoyed this

Commercial music composers working out of an all-service “Music House” are faced with all types and kinds of challenges. Among these are the creation of music for Sales Shows for industry. These shows are highly theatric and built around around a theme and developed for many months by entertainment professionals. They are a hybrid of awards show (big stage glamour), sales presentation (executives, notables), theatre (actors, costumes, sets, plots, singing,

The most consistent work I was able to get in Northern Ohio in these years was for “In-House” music. Here’s a reel of examples from my major clients from those days. These jobs were generally small in dollar amounts, but paid the bills between the bigger jobs. Special thanks to PPG and Davey Tree for being my customer for their music needs in those years! Though archived from Sony f-1,