This is a Deep Listening® piece that served as my capstone sonic meditation for my Deep Listening (DL) Certificate from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in January 2016. As is the nature of  all DL works they provide a vehicle to our sound practice: the process of practicing listening with the understanding that the complex wave forms continuously transmitted to the auditory cortex from the outside world by the ear require active engagement


Sep 2015

Deep Listening

Deep Listening® Certificate I am a student of the Deep Listening Certification program, directly under the leadership and teaching of one of the most ingenious composers in early electronic music, modern music processing and a thought-leader in sound perception: Pauline Oliveros. At 80, she still travels around the world to perform and share her radical ideas. With her colleagues Ione and Heloise Gold, Pauline has taught workshops for decades and still does.