Which quality is most complimentary to the feminine: BRAWN or BRAINS? Has science finally usurped warcraft in this modern age? Are we more attracted to intelligence or physical perfection? These are the program subjects of “Venus and Vulcan in America” for orchestra. “Venus and Vulcan in America” invites every listener to and imagine their own “movie” of the original myth and my amendments, made by attaching the emotions felt from


Sep 2017

Fanfare Orlando

Fanfare Orlando expresses our pride in being a part of Central Florida. It was commissioned by the  Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra  for their Silver Jubilee  25th season. We are proud of our city’s compassionate action in response to its tragedies, its leadership in education, health and the sciences, and its strong arts communities represented by the Orlando Phil’s 25th season, the new Dr. Phillips Center, Timucua Arts and other art music

The Music Beginning bell The bell’s fundamental note is joined at the octave above by the flute and piano and an octave below by the clarinet. The rich out-of-tune elements that create the unique bell sound fade out, leaving pure harmonics of orchestral solo instruments. Several take a turn sounding the sustaining C, bringing the meditating mind to relaxed focus. Expansion motif On the 10th bar, at rehearsal letter A, focus is rewarded with expansion:

  Mindfulness? … is a state of non-mind. Some of the qualities experienced in that state are an increased awareness of sound, sight, internal and external body senses, current emotions and the breath. Bringing even a drop of mindfulness to everyday stresses is transformative because it increases heightened senses and mental spaciousness which provides room for empathy (including for yourself) as one source of equanimous decision-making. There are millions of ways to attain moments of mindfulness

Runaway Hearts is a film about two kids on the run from a very scary present who come across two adults who can’t quite escape their past. They’re four people in need of a miracle, and sometimes the miracles in life are the very people whose paths you cross. Directed by Keith Alan Morris and starring John Schnieder, Wendell Pierce and Ali Landry. Runaway Hearts This is the production trailer,


Apr 2012

Four Dimensions

A technology showcase blending Live Orchestra, Live computer graphics, 6 channel electronic music and EWI             (above, rehearsal photo courtesy of Jim Shelton, Winter Park)   Notes from the Composer “Four Dimensions” was created to lead an audience through an imaginary exploration of the dimensions through the music of a full orchestra that included an EWI, a surround sound playback system, and moving images utilizing

  Notes from the Composer Citadel is my first composition for a large ensemble. This is written for my symphonic band at Wadsworth, Ohio where I played tenor saxophone, written in 1975 when I was a junior in high school. Mom worked on the line at the Akro-Mils plastic molding factory about 30 minutes distant in Kenmore and needed to clock in early.  She dropped us off at Wadsworth High


Sep 2011


Citadel, for Symphonic Wind Ensemble, is my first composition for a large ensemble, symphonic band, written in 1975 when I was a junior in high school. Mom would drop us off at Wadsworth High School every morning at 7am on her way to the factory in Kenmore. Kevin, my twin, and I headed straight for the practice room where a Baldwin upright allowed our exploration of harmony. Most of my

“Children On the Playground – Violin Concerto for Strings” with soloist Tamas Kocsis and the Orlando Philharmonic Over three days in February of 2010, Children On the Playground received three superb performances  by Sir Tamas Kocsis and the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Christopher Wilkins. These videos, captured by Dr. Lisa Mills of the University of Central Florida, speak for themselves. Tamas brilliantly captured the spirit and heart of this

“If Ye Would Hear” is an arrangement of carol no.134  from the Oxford Book of Carols (Percy Dearmer, Ralph Vaughan Williams and Martin Shaw) for SATB (which each split into two parts at a few places in the arrangement) and piano. The carol melody is Dutch and dates from 1539. The lyrics are composed by the 19th century English poet, Dora Greenwell. Each verse moves between a joyful melody relishing the wealth of a warm, fed