No instrument groups have as much personality than do the woodwinds. Each member: flutes, oboes, clarinets and bassoons create sound by resonating the volume of air within them in a unique way. Woodwind Quintet 2 exploits these instruments’ brilliance and articulate versatility within a unique set of parameters for each of four movements. The first movement, “Nostalgia”, mutates harmony with alternate fingerings. “Alone”, stacks up 7th intervals to support the

can I evoke a specific feeling? Is one of the prime purposes of instrumental music to create emotions and feelings? I think so. This suite of “feelings” for ten strings was a self-challenge to see if I could invoke specific, nuanced feelings. I constructed a method by which the audience could tell me what they were feeling during the performance. Based on the data collected during the performance, the majority of my audience

Central Florida Composers Forum presents free concert of contemporary sacred music Posted By Jessica Bryce Young on Fri, Jan 23, 2015 at 12:33 pm Central Florida Composers Forum, a local nexus of adventurous new classical, partners with downtown’s Cathedral Church of St. Luke Sunday to present a program of newly composed music for a variety of faith traditions called Sacred Sounds. Composer, CF2 member and host of modern classical radio show “Zero Crossing” on WPRK Charlie Griffin says,

        ARTS & CULTURE Central Florida Composers Forum nurtures local talent Local composers work to showcase contemporary classical music By Esteban Meneses PUBLISHED: JULY 2, 2014 In addition to the flagship music organizations of Orlando – established groups like the Bach Festival Society and the Orlando Philharmonic – it’s worth noting a much smaller and more recent one that is shaping the city’s cultural scene from a unique

The Heisler / Yeh Duo is an award winning chamber ensemble devoted to the creation and promotion of contemporary for the saxophone and piano. Saxophonist Jeffrey Heisler and pianist I-Chen Yeh have performed throughout the world and have worked with notable composers such as Ellen Taaffe Zwilich, Steven Stucky, David Gillingham, Marc Mellits, Andrea Reinkemeyer and Jeff Weston to create new repertoire for this ensemble. The duo was in town

How closely can a musician delay a copy of the same melody behind the original? A bright shadow is created, when it’s piano and alto sax. Notes from the Composer Bright Shadow for Alto Saxophone and Piano is a revision of previous work titled “Happy Crazy” that was originally scored for Keith Koons, clarinet, and piano in the late ’90s. This revision met the need for simplification and a more strongly distilled brew of

  On May 12th, my song “the still unborn about the dead”, one of the “5 Stanescu Songs”, received its best ever performance in 20 years by Julie Batman (soprano), Rimma Bergeron-Langlois (1st violin), Alexander Stevens (2nd violin), Mauricio Céspedes (viola), David Bjella (cello) and Jamila Tekali (piano). I am indebted to these musicians for the huge amount of work they put into giving this music life. This is the first time

Orlando Philharmonic string quartet performs at Timucua White House The best of Central Florida’s contemporary classical music was highlighted on Sunday evening with passion and style. The location: Benoit Glazer’s downtown Orlando home, also known as ‘Timucua White House,’ where leading avant-garde, jazz and contemporary classical music acts from around the country perform almost every weekend to small, though dedicated circles of followers who have helped turned the Glazer home