The Music Beginning bell The bell’s fundamental note is joined at the octave above by the flute and piano and an octave below by the clarinet. The rich out-of-tune elements that create the unique bell sound fade out, leaving pure harmonics of orchestral solo instruments. Several take a turn sounding the sustaining C, bringing the meditating mind to relaxed focus. Expansion motif On the 10th bar, at rehearsal letter A, focus is rewarded with expansion:

  Mindfulness? … is a state of non-mind. Some of the qualities experienced in that state are an increased awareness of sound, sight, internal and external body senses, current emotions and the breath. Bringing even a drop of mindfulness to everyday stresses is transformative because it increases heightened senses and mental spaciousness which provides room for empathy (including for yourself) as one source of equanimous decision-making. There are millions of ways to attain moments of mindfulness

The Distance Music event at Lake Eola October 25, 2014 The distance organ premiered in 2014 at the well attended “Distance Music at Lake Eola for Seven Train Horns and Brass Choirs” concert in downtown Orlando. Horns were donated by Nathan Airchime, powered by nitrogen (N2) gas through seven radio-controlled, solenoid-actuated poppet valves donated by Parker Hannifin’s Pneumatic Division. Funding came from an $8710 Kickstarter and grants of $2500 from

Why Train Horns?? Because they’re LOUD! Traditional instruments can’t produce enough volume (sound pressure level, or SPL, measured in dB decibels) to create Distance Music. To hear rhythmically significant differences in delays, hundreds and thousands of feet of distance between sources is required. Electronic amplification could also make such long distances possible for traditional instruments. But four serious drawbacks make it impractical: 1. Electrical power of the magnitude necessary would be

      Pribusin Process Controls & Telemetry, located in Muskegon, MI agreed to develop and construct the radio telemetry equipment for the distance organ. Mike Gertsweiler, president of Pribusin, is personally interested in this project’s success and has generously provided the project with an affordable price. He will offset costs of our radios by not starting from scratch, but rather, making modifications to equipment he already supplies to industry.

I have just received the remaining six train horns from Nathan Airchime! They have loaned me these excellent instruments for the building of the Distance Organ: what will be the loudest pitched instrument in the world. My choices of horns are highlighted in orange: My next step is to purchase the dollies so I can finalize the design of the steel base and plumbing. My twin brother Kevin, meanwhile is

I received the first of seven Nathan Air Chime train horns ! The Nathan Air Chime company, the oldest and most respected of all train horn companies has offered me a loan of seven horns for the Distance Music project. This K1L  horn is made of thick cast and machined aluminum: very rugged! It has a 1/2in NPT main inlet port on the bottom of the manifold. This horn is