Orlando Philharmonic, Full Sail University mix music and technology By Matthew J. Palm, Orlando Sentinel arts writer http://bit.ly/IWOYq3   For its annual fundraising gala, the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra partnered with Full Sail University to create a concert showcasing not only the Phil’s musicians but the technological know-how of Full Sail’s students. Titled “Symphony in HD,” the gala took place Saturday at Full Sail Live, the performance hall built at the


Apr 2012

Four Dimensions

A technology showcase blending Live Orchestra, Live computer graphics, 6 channel electronic music and EWI             (above, rehearsal photo courtesy of Jim Shelton, Winter Park)   Notes from the Composer “Four Dimensions” was created to lead an audience through an imaginary exploration of the dimensions through the music of a full orchestra that included an EWI, a surround sound playback system, and moving images utilizing

April 20th, 2012 Full Sail University  Venue To finally hear the Orlando Philharmonic play “Four Dimensions” and see Nathan Selikoff‘s work was a wonderfully mind-boggling. What an experience these last two days have been! Thank you, Full Sail University and Orlando Philharmonic! Jim Shelton, an important individual from the Friends of the Philharmonic, snapped some excellent photos of Friday night’s rehearsal and sent them my way. First Dimension In this

In my last update, Maestro Dirk Meyer and I realized that the most reliable method of triggering a sound event with a Wii-mote was pressing a button rather than using accelerometer data. Marc Pinsky, the Max Engineer for “Four Dimensions”, designed this multi-channel ‘sound server’ application for the upcoming premiere which allows each trigger to fire off the sound in glorious 5.1 surround at 24bit/96kHz resolution.  Four Dimensions is a work for a live orchestra (including EWI in the ‘winds’)

  Four Dimensions is a work for a live orchestra (including EWI in the ‘winds’) and electronics. The electronics are pre-recorded. How will the electronics synch up to the orchestra during the performance? I asked Marc Pinsky, the Max Engineer, to develop our use of a Nintendo Wii game controller (called a Wii-mote) to be used by the conductor, Dirk Meyer as a conducting baton – doubling as a baton

    Brian Smithers is a saxophonist comfortable in legit, jazz and popular styles, an EWI-ist, arranger, author and music technologist extraordinaire. He will be playing the EWI for the April 21, 2012 “Symphony in HD” premiere of “Four Dimensions” with the Orlando Philharmonic. In this video, Brian demonstrates the EWI for us. Brian is a fellow Full Sail University employee, as is Marc Pinsky. Along with teaching Digital Audio

Four Dimensions Update 4  Four Dimensions is a work for Orchestra, EWI and Surround Electronics tracks commissioned by the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra for the “Symphony in HD: Live at Full Sail” Gala event on April 21st. This is one of several vids documenting the process of developing a Wii-mote, used as the conducting baton for the conductor, Dirk Meyer, to control the tempo of the prepared surround electronic score.  One

Four Dimensions is my working title for the work commissioned by the Orlando Philharmonic for next April 21st. Recently, the engineer developing the wireless conducting baton, Marc Pinsky, and the Visual Artist, Nathan Selikoff, met for the first time over lunch. The generation of ideas that sparked up between these two highly creative men were fun to watch and I caught a bit of video of their conversation with my

The visual imagery is very important to the success of our “Concert of the Future” premiere in April with the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra. Developing an overall form with Nathan Selikoff,  my visual design artist, would therefore be crucial. During our second meeting, Nathan Selikoff and I came up with a plan for this work for Orchestra and Electronics.  We began with my ideas that the work should be: a simple gesture about

The Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra asked me to compose a short musical work to entertain, dazzle and inspire the attendees at their Gala fund raising concert for April 2012. I am  excited be a part of what the OPO is billing as a “Concert of the Future”. The event will take place at Full Sail University‘s new Venue, a multipurpose hall stuffed with the latest, greatest sound and lighting gear and