Distance Music: Original Concept As sound travels to a specific location, it is delayed by about 1millisecond per foot to reach any given point. Distance Music takes advantage of this delay by placing sound sources at large distances from the audience. The composition accounts for these delays by having musicians farther from the audience play earlier, so as to make up for the time required for the sound to

Four Dimensions Development Update 3 Four Dimensions is a work for Orchestra, EWI and Surround Electronics tracks commissioned by the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra for an April 21st premiere at Full Sail University’s “Live” Venue. This is one of several vids documenting the process of getting a Wii-mote to provide a pulse to control the tempo of the prepared surround electronic score. Nathan Selikoff is the visual artist, who wants to

Let’s all hope that more music people get their butts to the Orlando Phil concerts. Even the most cynical, nitpicking, musical-doomsaying and typical ‘Orlando is a cultural wasteland’ parrot would have to raise their eyebrows in wonder at last night’s well attended concert. Joy and I left feeling immensely satisfied. Kudos to Maestro Chris Wilkins for blending the obscure (Sung, Chausson) with standard repertoire showpieces.  1. The Phoenix Rising by Stella

I can’t know what is important to you about music because music is an internal experience. And, as an internal experience – it is your very own. Oliver Sacks, the psychologist portrayed by Robin Williams in the feature film Awakenings has written about the neurology of music. In his recent book, Musicophilia, Sacks summarizes his research into how our brains perceive music. Unlike brain models of old which theorized that music

  (MIDI realization with EWSymphonic Choirs straight out – no tweaking Notes from the Composer “Over the North Jetty” is a poem that speaks of the empathic connection between all living organisms – in this case between a flock of geese and an observer wondering about their long flight. I divided the choir into three SATB groups: the geese flock who face the audience in the shape of a “V”. The geese should number between 50% and 33%