From The Examiner Central Florida Composers Forum borrowed from   Those in Orlando’s niche market for local art music know it’s no secret that Timucua White House is the place to be. The Glazer family has celebrated music by opening their doors to the community for 15 years, and last night a very full house shared the experience of concert number 600. The occasion: Central Florida Composers Forum’s annual recital, presenting the

Composer Keith Lay debuts a new work for brass and mimes at Timucua this weekend Posted By Thaddeus McCollum on Fri, Sep 11, 2015 at 9:00 am   Keith Lay is proving to be our area’s most inventive composer. Last year, he put on one of the most interesting public pieces of symphonic art to hit Lake Eola Park with “Distance Music,” a suite that had the audience walk around

An interview about Distance Music from the composer clan from around the country “Guerilla Distance Music” episode 174. Dr. David MacDonald is a colleague at Full Sail University – thank you Dave for the exposure!

Believe the hype – Magical music. I want to throw away all of my copies of the overplayed and over recorded Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D, Op. 35. I finally heard it last night. I don’t want to hear it any other way now.  I never want to hear a girl play this piece of music again now that I’ve heard it performed with strength and control only available to

Let’s all hope that more music people get their butts to the Orlando Phil concerts. Even the most cynical, nitpicking, musical-doomsaying and typical ‘Orlando is a cultural wasteland’ parrot would have to raise their eyebrows in wonder at last night’s well attended concert. Joy and I left feeling immensely satisfied. Kudos to Maestro Chris Wilkins for blending the obscure (Sung, Chausson) with standard repertoire showpieces.  1. The Phoenix Rising by Stella

I attended two performances of Jaron Lanier’s new work, “Symphony for Amelia”, a setting of a poem by Amelia Lanier, who may have been a muse of both William Shakespeare and William Byrd. Even after hearing the work twice, I can only recall the music in a patchy and imprecise way. The work began with a soprano solo  (Janette Zilioli) presenting solemn thematic material – a modal stepwise melody reminiscent

By Anthony Tommasini, Nov.8, 2004 It says something about how few opportunities there are for composers to have new works performed by orchestras that the Riverside Symphony, an adventurous ensemble that typically presents just three programs per season, got such a strong response to its International Composers Competition in 2002. Scores from 74 composers were submitted. On Friday night at Alice Tully Hall, one of the three winning works, “On