Richard Stoltzman, clarinet; Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by George Manahan (Perlongo, Lay, Iannaccone, and Stiller) and by Jerzy Swoboda (Goodwin). Daniel James Perlongo: Sunburst (1995); Keith Lay: Earth Caoine (1995); Gordon Goodwin: Paraph (1996); Anthony Iannaccone: Concertante for Clarinet and Orchestra (1995); Andrew Stiller: Procrustean Concerto (1994). MMC RECORDINGS MMC 2105. Total time 61:39. (distributed by Albany Music) To date, world renown clarinetist Richard Stoltzman has more than 50

Had this sort of collection been released a few years ago, it wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun: It would have been full of 12-tone angst. But times have changed (for the better!) and these five free-spirited American composers have found intriguing ways to combine tonality and atonality, melody and dissonance. Above all, it is an extraordinarily well-played and well-produced recording. The Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra responds alertly and

Any fear and trepidation that might normally surround an hour’s-worth of recent clarinet concertos by lesser known composers should be put aside. First, this collection offers the artistry of Richard Stoltzman, whose fluid range and flawless technique would make an hour’s worth of scales appealing; then there’s the music itself, an invigorating sample of mostly tonal music by American composers that leaves surprisingly strong impressions both individually and cumulatively. Stylistically


Dec 2005


Discs by Jeff Miers The trouble with being the Great American Clarinet Virtuoso is also the advantage of it: The repertoire for your instrument isn’t exactly scant but nor is it overly abundant, either. A clarinetist needs his contemporaries in the composer’s tribe. Brahms, Mozart and the Baroque masters simply didn’t supply enough repertoire. That’s what “Reflections” is all about – five new works for clarinet and orchestra for Richard

Killer clarinetist aids local debut By¬†Garaud MacTaggart People write music for the clarinet because of its tonal qualities and a wide range of sonic possibilities that lead from deep, woody depths to light, feathery heights. It was the instrument of choice for such major jazz players as Sidney Bechet, Artie Shaw and Benny Goodman — folks whose fluid fingering and mellifluous way with the “licorice stick” influenced generations of musicians

One of Keith Lay's most important works is "Earth Caoine", or "Earth Cry" , a Tone Poem for Clarinet and Orchestra, written for and recorded by Richard Stoltzman in 1996 with the Warsaw Philharmonic. The purpose of this emotional music is to expand our imagination to contain the immense sadness of a dying Earth. A cosmic being/angel looks down upon the Earth's corpse, (caoine-ing ) wailing, crying.